I’ve always wanted to date a guy named The Power

18 miles done and in the books.

Actually 18.4.  10.4 was outside, 8 was inside.  I ate about 1/3 of a Clif gel after 13 miles and I’m thinking I won’t do that again.  GU never hurt my belly so I will have to do a little experimenting and make sure that is still the case.

We are deep into the terrible twos with Red right now.   Did I mention that she is only 16 months old?  It is exhausting.  Even the people at daycare are exhausted with her.  She has always been high energy and climbs on EVERYTHING, but lately she has been throwing fits and having meltdowns over EVERYTHING.

Putting her coat on, taking her toothbrush away, changing her diaper, taking a nap, getting in the car seat, getting dropped off at daycare, going into any store and being strapped in the cart, being knocked over by the dog, etc.  And since she climbs on everything, she melts down if she can’t get on something on her own, or if we take her off something she doesn’t need to be climbing on.  God I wish it was spring so I could take her to the park.  Right now we have a wind advisory as the cold blows in for the next few days.

I hope this parenting thing gets easier, but I hear the next few years are tough when you have a “spirited” toddler.  That’s what the internet seems to be calling it.  How the hell am I going to be able to handle her and another kid?  Or even convince RKY to have another one.  The whole day is a battle and I don’t even want to come home on my lunch breaks because I know she will throw a fit when I’m trying to eat and again when I leave.  It is interesting how you can be so annoyed and frustrated with a person and yet, still love them so much.  Mostly when she’s sleeping.

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