I think it finally got me.  The damn flu.  Maybe.  My nose is very runny so I’m more inclined to believe it is a cold.  My throat and ears are a little itchy.  No headache or body aches yet.  I am one of two people at work who have not had the flu yet.  Apparently no one bothered to get a shot this year.

I did get my 16 miler in on Friday.  That was before the weather turned colder than a witches teet. Woke up at 5. Out the door by 5:10.  Just popped some gum in instead of brushing my teeth.  (I did brush them afterwards). Wore my glasses but it was so oddly warm that they kept fogging up.  Ran 10 outside and 6 inside.   I felt pretty fatigued around mile 12 and 13 but then I got a second wind and finished pretty strong.  Outdoor miles were average 7:58  Indoor miles were 7:39.  I know I’m running on an incline but my cheapo mill does not display what it is.  Did a recovery 3.25 mile run yesterday and did some sporadic improvised weight training.  I’m sure tearing up my shoulders once every blue moon is doing wonders for my physique.

I had 51.4 miles last week.  I am pretty impressed with myself.

My knee was not, but it’s feeling better thanks to lots of ibuprofen.   I keep wondering how in the world people find time to run 70+ miles per week.  Now I’m googling how many miles per week runners should do doing marathon training.  It’s all over the board.  I would like to have one or two 60 mile weeks but I’m doubtful that will happen.  Usually I need two days off during my 20 miler weeks.  Well, I don’t need them off, I just need to sleep in two days and early mornings are pretty much my only running time thanks to work and my night owl kid.

If only I married a rich guy and could be a stay at home mom who can finagle a run at just about any time of day…  Nah, scratch that. I’d go nuts.  Ain’t no man gonna make me cook

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