I think 16 miles must be by threshold for long run anxiety.  I’m going to run that far tomorrow morning and I’m already fretting about getting enough sleep and finding a good route.  I’m sure about half of those miles will be on the treadmill watching Parenthood and Parks and Rec on Hulu.

Tonight is a big night.  We are going out to eat.  To Village Inn.  I’m a simple woman, I like pretty red headed men and breakfast food.







We don’t go out much.  Like ever.  That is rule #1 in the book How to End Up Divorced.  My sister got us gift cards for the movies and Village Inn and offered to watch Red so we could have a night out.  Well I’m too dang tired and old to do all of that in one night, so tonight we are doing the food.  With Red.  Someday we will go to a movie.  I mean, it hasn’t happened since October 2011, but someday we will.  It certainly won’t be the Hobbit.  Who has three hours to do nothing?

In case you were wondering, rule #2 in How to End Up Divorced is to blame the other person for the child’s misbehavior.  Or in this case, lack of sleep.  I firmly believe he shouldn’t let her nap for so long.  He firmly believes I shouldn’t feed her so much sugar.  I have discovered that, in the end, it doesn’t matter.  She’s the one who kept me up all night.  Not him.  Well, sort of him because he hogs too much of the bed.  Me and the dogs need more than half OK?

After our meal, which we will hurriedly eat before Red melts down, I hope to go on a search for Peanut Butter Toast Crunch.  That’s kind of our thing that we like to do together.  We go in search of the newest Pop Tart or Oreo flavors.  Is that sad or cute?  Either way, I’m pretty excited.


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