Quartz, Parchment, Shears

I don’t do resolutions.  Too wishy-washy.  But this year I think my goal will be to not get shot.  This goal gets harder every year.

I have not celebrated NYE in several years.  By several, I mean at least 8.  Maybe more.  For someone who doesn’t drink and never has, I tend to have terrible New Years.  One year I was pulled over for rolling through a stop sign at 1 in the a.m.  I didn’t get a ticket but the cop later told my mother that I smelled like alcohol.  I was raging mad because I never drank.  Another year my friend locked me out of his house because I left for an hour to hang out with my boyfriend.  That same friend ruined another NYE by being all grabby grabby with all of his girlfriends, including me.  I can only be smacked on the butt so many times before I explode.

This year was also pretty bad, but on a lesser scale.  I went to my coworkers house for a little get together.  Brought along Red and RKY.  Things were going fine until we there for about an hour and a half and I suddenly could not stop coughing.  Then my eyes got really itchy and the left one started to swell.  I kind of forgot about my terrible allergy to cats and petted both of hers several times.  We left and the sneezing and wheezing started.  I came home and immediately downed some Benadryl which knocked me out around 10 p.m.

Today I am lamenting because the display on my treadmill isn’t working.  I ran 14 on it this past weekend, then 10 yesterday, and was working on 8 today when it suddenly went blank around mile 7.  I did the typical unplug and plug it back in, etc. and nothing worked.  I have spent a lot of the morning googling solutions, so I do have a few things to try when I get home.  The belt still works, but it has been really clunky lately.  I will probably attempt to run in the cold, but when that inevitably fails, I will use a stop watch and set the speed at 8 so I can calculate my distances.  Oh weather, please get warmer.

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