Think living in a cloud would be totally thrilling

Christmas and the week before was a random mess of illness, snow, and Dr. appointments.  I had another bout with reflux but I was mostly able to run through it.  Didn’t take any medicine so I am still feeling some burning in my gut.

I’ve been mostly running on the snow and ice which means my pace is considerably slower.  Sometimes I try to finish up with some fast treadmill miles but I’m usually tired from climbing up and down snow mounds.  I need to do a 14 miler at some point this weekend so I made RKY put his hulu app on my PS3.  Reruns of the Mindy Project should keep me occupied.

Christmas was different because we didn’t go to my gambi’s house… cause, you know..she’s dead.   I went to my parent’s house both days but I go there everyday.  The only difference was everyone was dressed a smidgen nicer.  It went well until my two warring sisters started to go at it and then they dramatically stormed off with their presents.  We left quietly and I spent the rest of the day assembling toys that Red does not play with.  She is content to sit and shove plastic cookies in Cookie Monster’s mouth all day.  What an easy life.

Hit up some after Christmas sales and stocked up on $1 bags of M&Ms and $1 cookie doughs.  There’s my lunch for the next two weeks.  I’m only half kidding.  I will also have to order a pizza because it’s the only food Red will eat anymore.  Not that I’m complaining…pizza is delicious.

I did get some running related presents but not the ones I really need. I guess a foam roller and compression socks are not the most exciting presents.  I’ve been wearing my new Brooks PureConnect and the jury is still out.  My feet feel heavy in them.  I think I like the Green Silence better and of course, my Nike Frees the best.  I will continue to buy sweatshop shoes out of necessity.  I also got some more Ininji socks which are awesome and warm on these cold as hell days.  RKY bought me a nano to replace my cracked and royally effed up touch.  I give it two months before it meets a similar demise.

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