I’m not mean, I’m a thousand years old

I’m trying to recall my workouts last week and they aren’t really coming to me.  I know I slept in on Friday and planned on running later if Red fell asleep.  I never got around to it because I was too horribly depressed.  How can parents send their smiling child off to school on Friday morning and be burying them on Monday?  I am usually unaffected by tragedies and disasters that happen elsewhere, but, to me, this one feels worse than 9/11.

I ran 13 miles on the treadmill Saturday morning while watching episodes of It’s Always Sunny.  A couple of times I laughed and got tripped up but it was so worth it.

Sunday I slept in again but I did an improvised strength training workout which means I walked around with my hand weights for awhile and did a few moves.  Later I dragged myself outside for a noon run.  Felt pretty sluggish but still maintained a 7:30 pace for 7 miles.  Monday I woke up and holy cow I hurt.  Those impromptu squats I did on Sunday really did a number on my inner thighs.  did not run on Monday. The most exciting thing I did on Monday was call the cops on a rando stranger lurking around at work.  He asked for my help so while I was helping him I kept asking him questions and he was sloooow to respond.  He was too busy flipping his eyelid inside out and back.  yeaaaa.  Then a couple teenagers came up to me and said they thought he was doing drugs in the back.  Not smoking, like snorting hard drugs.  So I called the non-emergency police line.  Didn’t want them showing up guns a blazing.  Well it connected to 911 anyway.  So I asked the dispatcher if cops could just casually show up and walk around.  Apparently they don’t do that.  They came in and immediately went to the guy and started searching his bags.  They found nothing.  Whatever.  I’m not taking any chances anymore.  They asked if they should escort him out and I said, no, he could stay if he had no weapons or drugs.  Luckily the dude left about 15 minutes later with his garbage sack of belongings.  

This morning I ran 8 miles outside, in the dark, for the first time since the creepy incident last Thursday.  I had a carefully plotted course along busy streets and I did not use my iPod.  My inner thighs are still screaming at me.  That is what I get for doing strength training. 

I had my annual exam scheduled for 8:30 so I actually took a long time in the shower… wanna be fresh for that right?  I even shaved my legs and made sure my bra was clean.  Got their right on time and waited and waited. More people came in and we waited.  Finally they told us that the Dr. was in emergency surgery so we needed to reschedule.  All that primping ended up being for the weirdos at work.  Will go back to the Dr. on Thursday, but a massive blizzard will probably cause another reschedule.  Maybe I won’t shave my legs for that one.

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