Treading along

The weather here had been beautiful up until about a week ago.  I’ve been treadmilling along since.  I used to not mind the sub freezing temperatures, but this year I have turned into a total wiener.   I push myself a lot harder on the treadmill which means I’ve been running faster than ever in my daily runs.  In some ways that makes no sense because I don’t have any upcoming races and I haven’t even run one since October. 

I am getting sick of watching Home Improvement and My Name Is Early reruns on TBS, so I think I will bundle up and head out tomorrow morning.  I have exhausted my interests on Netflix which doesn’t say much for their selection or my preference for lame comedies and staged reality shows.

Red is sick.  She threw up this morning on the way to her 15 month appointment.  I had to hold her while the doctor checked her ears and I nearly gagged on the smell.  I will forever have the smelly child.  At least she is growing.  Her height went from the 11th percentile to the 29th. wooo.  Her head went from the 97th to 99th.  Feeling better about that c-section now.

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