Shmowzow is the sound coming out of my mouth a lot lately as I vomit every single food and drink into my toilet.  It started on Sunday when I went downstairs to feed the dogs and ended up laying on the kitchen floor.  Major nausea wave knocked me down.  The floor felt so cold on my hot flashing body, I didn’t want to move, but I eventually peeled myself off and ran over to couch before I barfed everywhere.  By afternoon I was feeling better and I even started decorating for Christmas.  I chalked it up as the 12 hour flu.  Monday morning I even felt well enough to do a treadmill run.  I did have to stop and take a horrible bathroom break after 3 miles, but then I continued for another 3.  I went to work and gradually just started to feel worse and worse.  I had some trouble falling asleep because the pain in my stomach was so bad.

This morning I woke up and felt the same as Sunday morning.  Spent a good chunk of time emptying my stomach into the toilet.  I have not eaten any food, so I figured I was empty and went to work.  As soon as I walked in I had to take a potty break.  I took another one 30 minutes later.  I ate a few M&Ms and now I am just biding my time before those work their way out in the most terrible way.  Yes I am still at work.  My coworkers are going to murder me when they get it.

Last week I decided to cut back my mileage and ran about 36 miles in 5 days.  I was planning on ramping it back up this week, just in time for Thanksgiving gorging.  Not happening.  Those 6 miles may be the only ones I get in all week.  Thanksgiving is my only day off for the rest of the week and I think the Turkey Trot will be a no-go since all my fuel has left my body for the past three days.  I know I am sick when I don’t even care about my mileage.  I’m way to weak to worry about that.  I do want to do one more race before the new year though.  There might be a few 5ks in the area.


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