go nuts like there’s bugs on your butts

This past weekend was free from races so I ran a solid ten miler on Saturday and then 10k on Sunday morning.  Because of fall back, Red woke up an hour earlier than usual so I had to wait until 9:30 to get my run on.  What surprised me was how fast I was going and how effortless it felt.  I’m used to jumping out of bed at 5 a.m. and taking off with stiff legs and a general weariness.

Monday was a rough morning because Red had a weird screaming fit from midnight to one and then I couldn’t fall back asleep.  Maybe she is going to have night terrors like I did.  Oh Joy.   I decided to take an off day, but the whole day I felt like running.  So Red fell asleep early and I hopped on the treadmill.  Ran 8 miles at 7:17 pace.  Whoa. Again, I am way slower in the early morning.

Because my legs were tired from Monday night, I slept in again on Tuesday and thought that would be my off day.  Well it was election day and it was gloomy and this made me feel very lazy.  I wanted to snap out of it, so I hoped Red would fall asleep early again so I could do a night run.  Lo and behold, she did!  I purposely wore her out by bringing her to the nearly dead mall and letting her run around for an hour.  Then I fed her a cheeseburger and took her for a walk.  BOOM sleep.  Ran intervals on the treadmill with 6.23 miles at 7:07 pace.  Sooo I’m thinking races should always be at night.

I think I may be done with races for the rest of 2012 which is kind of sad.  There are a couple I could do, but they are 5ks and I hate to spend the money during the holiday shopping season.  I need a new goal before I get bored and crazy.  I applied for the NYC half marathon on a whim, but with the deferrals, I doubt I will get in.  I kind of hope I don’t because I doubt I will have the money to travel there.  yikes.  My next possible marathon is a  new one in Marion Iowa in April.  So I won’t start that training until January.  Though I could possibly do St Louis in early April.  I’ll see what happens.


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