that thing is gonna bake our beans

This past weekend I decided to test my 5k skillz and run the Cocoa Beano.  Packet pick up was next to the sponsoring candy store, so I just had to pick up some chocolate creams while I was there.  The cost for the run was 40 bucks!, but I signed up late and they give out fleece jackets instead of shirts.  The first year they gave away a poo colored (chocolate colored?)  fleece vest and hat.  This year it was all black, so it looked pretty sleek until I stepped into my house and it attracted every dog hair in the vicinity.

The morning of the race was sunny but COLD, probably around 30 degrees.  I wore long sleeves and a knit hat.  I was super nervous again and told myself it would be my last race of the year and that I would never have to do another 5k ever.  I ran for about 10 minutes to warm-up and then lined up near the starting line.  It was chip timing but awards based on clock.  The gun went off and I saw a 12 yr old that is in one my classes that I visit at the jr high take off super fast.  I knew she would beat me because she has been running 12 minutes in her 2 mile cross country races.  A few other ladies were ahead of me, but I just wanted to feel comfortable and steady as I ran.  The course was basically an out and back so I liked that I could always see who was ahead of me.  The clock at mile 1 read 6:15 and, based on my splits, I suspect that it was actually short of a mile.  The two mile mark was just after the turnaround and I was feeling good, in fourth place until I passed another lady.  The other two were too fast to catch so I just wanted to get as fast a time as possible.  Pre race I decided to try for 21 minutes.  After passing mile 2 at 13 minutes, I decided to try for sub 20.  After 2.5 miles I suddenly felt fatigued.  Just kind of drained overall.  Once we neared the finish line I kicked it up a few notches again and saw the clock switch over to 20 minutes.  I came in at 20:06 but it took me 3 seconds to cross the start line, so my time was 20:03.  I had no idea, but apparently the next lady was only 3 seconds behind me.  The first two finished around 19:30.  Hopefully I can get back down to the 19s again.

I won my age group, but I have won it for the past 2 years and never got my award.  I try emailing the race director but never get a response.  So hopefully it’s not a trophy full of chocolate.  After the race they only had hot chocolate.  I think they had bars last year.  I was in no mood for hot chocolate so I cooled down and ran to my car.  Once there I had to wait about 10 minutes to find a break in the walkers streaming by.  I hate when a race has parking that you can’t get out of until the thing is over.

The rest of the day was spent doing something, apparently forgettable.  Sunday I waited around for Red’s nap to run and it didn’t come until 3 p.m.  I got in a solid 7 miles and then ran another 3 after she went to bed.  Monday was a rest day.  Today was a cold, stiff 6 miles outside and another 2 miles on the treadmill.  I’m thinkin tomorrow will be treadmill as temperatures are going to be in the 20s.  yeesh, it’s only October.

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