You really smell like dog buns

At the last minute (ok, the day before), I decided to sign up for the local Pumpkin run or dash or whatever it was.  Stopped by the running store after my third trip to Target this week and signed up.  Red wanted to be put down so badly that it lead to a melt down while I waited for my bib and shirt.

The 8k didn’t start until 9:30, so I actually got to sleep in before I ran.  I left the house about 8:20 and ended up getting lost on the 20 minute drive.  So I arrived at 9 and parked haphazardly on a grassy hill at the park entrance.  The 4k had just started, so I watched them run by before I picked up my timing chip.  At that moment I was really wishing I was only running 4k, partly because it was cold, and partly because everyone looked like they were running in slow-mo.  I could’ve dominated that sucker.

I’ve been getting really bad nerves lately before races, probably because of my early summer disasters.  They are the nerves that make your stomach bloat and your bladder fill with pee even though you just pissed 3 minutes ago.  Well I had no time to pee, so I took off with the gun.  I immediately passed every women in front of me which had me really worried, but I didn’t feel like I was running too fast.  The local semi-pro runner had said she was just going to take it easy, but she still sprinted past me at the mile mark.  The first mile was 6:45, so I aimed to just stay consistent.  My goal was to finish in under 35 minutes.  No one was at the 2nd mile, so I don’t know how that one went, I’m guessing about 6:45 again.  The race was two loops of the park, so we passed the finish line and the halfway point somewhere in the 16s.  Mile three was 20:30, so I knew I was slowing down a bit but still on pace to break 35.  Still no one had passed me and I didn’t want to be a lame-o competitive person so I refused to turn around and look for other women.  Somewhere after the 3 mile point I was feeling dehydrated and I dry heaved a couple times.  I was also feeling really hot and regretted wearing two shirts.  That fourth mile lasted forever and I convinced myself that it was unmarked and I had already passed the 4 mile marker, but I was wrong.  I finally came to it at 27:25.  For the rest of the race I just kept telling myself that I had less than a mile to go, because 8k isn’t quite 5 miles.  I wasn’t sure how much less it was, but I had myself convinced it was a lot less.  It isn’t.  It’s like .03 less.  I started counting down orange cones and estimated that they were 100 meters apart.  Well they weren’t.  I counted about 15 and could see the finish line in the distance.  Some spectator told me I was the second woman but the third was about thirty yards behind me.  I have a terrible finishing kick, as in I have none whatsoever, but I tried.  Luckily I was able to come in about 20 seconds ahead of her.

My finish time was 33:55, so I beat my goal.  I was surprised about getting 2nd in women because the last time I ran it in 09 the first 3 were all under 33 minutes.  After the race, I jetted out of there before the awards ceremony, as usual.   When I checked online later that day I realized that I also won some CA$H money! So I best be picking it up sometime this week.  I’m using it to register for a 5k on Saturday.  Based on the 8k, I’m going to shoot for under 21 minutes.  I have run under 20 before, but I don’t feel like I have it in me.  Especially not on a cold day.



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