For I am the Duchess of Nuts

Red has been a bit of a butt lately.  I guess that comes with the territory when you have a new walker.  She walks everywhere.  Just does laps around the house.  Put shoes on her though and she reverts to crawling and then kicking and grabbing her feet.  She’s been a total daddy’s girl lately because I’m on day 9 of 12 straight days of work.

Went to a work conference last week for two days.  It was ok… I mean conference always give me some good ideas.  I wrote down some cool things to try but now I have spent the past 3 days catching up on stuff I missed while out of the office, so those new ideas no longer sound so appealing.  And I can no longer understand my chicken scratched notes either.  At least they didn’t have any motivational speakers at it.  Those people drive me nuts.  We had one at our work a few years ago and all the old Oprah fans were super into it.  “This is my negative free zone!”  They still have those signs posted by their desks where people often huddle and bitch about each other.

Despite my busy life, I have still been running well.  I couldn’t get up on Friday morning to run, but luckily I did make it out that night after 9.  I have super powers at night because I ran a mile warm-up, then a 5k in less than 22 minutes, then another mile at 7:20.  Too bad most races aren’t at night. My jello legs don’t like to move too fast in the morning.

Saturday I did take the full day off because it was rainy and I was overdue for one.  Sunday I forced my ass to do 10 miles.  It was rough.  It was still rainy, dark, and I wore my glasses.  Genius.  I was blind for 6 miles because I tried to wipe my lenses with my soaked shirt.  I ran directly into a bush and thought I was bleeding, but really I just had some leaves stuck to my leg.  I gave up running outside after 6 miles.  Then I hopped on the treadmill.  My legs felt like lead so I did two miles and decided to stop.  But then after about 5 minutes, I hopped back on and finally finished the last 2.   Monday I ran on the treadmill and forced myself to do a 10k in 44 minutes.  That is faster than the last 10k I raced, so now I need to figure out how to translate that into an actual running race pace.

This morning was another struggle.  I was so close to just laying on the couch and calling it a rest day.  Instead I ate some fudge at 5 in the morning and took off for an easy 5 miles.  Didn’t feel so easy.  I am so excited to go to the chiro on Friday.  I hope she is a wizard who can cure all my post marathon aches and pains and make my legs the same length again.  People at work think I am injured and I just have to tell them that no, I am just deformed and have one leg about an inch longer than the other.  Inserts are for pussies.

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