makin babies, greasy babies

So the marathon was a definite high point of my week/life.  I can attribute my new PR to the perfect weather because I’m not sure I could have done so great without it.  My only regret is that I wore a pair of shoes that I don’t normally wear for long runs and now my foot is paying for it.
I was super nervous for the race.  Woke up at 6 a.m. and ate some BellaVita crackers and a turkey wrap.  Then I drank my V8 energy juice and packed my Spibelt with my Gatorade chews.   My mom offered to drop me off so she picked me up at 6:40.  The bridge was backed up so by the time I got to the starting line, I only had to wait for about 10 minutes to start.  I lined up near the 4 hour pacer and then I decided to edge my way closer to the 3:35.  After the starting cannon went off and scared the bejesus out of everyone, I crossed the start in about 20 seconds and began my Runkeeper.  That was the last time I looked at it though I could hear it for the first few miles.  I decided to forgo music for awhile and just listen to the people around me.  We crossed the 74 bridge and then made our way into Bettendorf.  There were no clocks anywhere but I was just taking it easy and moving at a steady pace.  I could hear 7s on my runkeeper pace.  After we got on the path by the river and headed into the Davenport relay exchange, I ditched my fleece and ate 2 chews.  I decided to walk and fuel at each relay point.  I think mile 9 was on the bridge back into Illinois and then mile 10 was in the District of Rock Island.  I was right at 80 minutes at that point.  As we went onto Arsenal Island, we rejoined the half marathoners for a bit so passing them was kind of a good motivator.  Overall the island is pretty boring because there aren’t any spectators.  It was pretty but I don’t tend to look around much as I run.  I eagerly awaited the next relay point which was after mile 18.  I picked up some GU chomps and ate two of them.  Mile 20 is where the halfers turn to the finish and fullers turn left for an out and back.  I was at 2 hours 38 minutes and still feeling perfectly fine.  I was surprised by this.

The out and back allows you to see some of the faster people coming in, so that was neat.  Again I just started counting down to the next relay point.  It came sooner than I expected so I decided to keep running until the turnaround.  At mile 23 is the giant wall, so I ran under that and took a walk break a couple minutes later.  Some guy yelled at me to keep it going, so I started running again.  My legs were stiff and I was getting hungry but I knew I had it in me to finish strong.  I kept looking for people I knew running the opposite direction.  Then I found a girl about my age and tried to talk to her but she was struggling.  We reached 25 and I could see the crowds getting thicker and the downtown area beginning.  I took off my head phones and kept chugging along.  For the last half mile I was looking for my family which was a good distraction but I didn’t see them until about 100 yards from the finish.  The clock said 3:27 so I was pretty amazed and excited.

After I finished, I grabbed two bottles of water and hobbled through the post race area.  My parents were only parked about 4 blocks away but it felt like a million.  I suddenly noticed how sore my right quad and left foot were.  I didn’t do much the rest of the day but I did walk with Red and RKY.  Now  it’s Wednesday and my foot is still very sore.  I have been icing it and taking ibuprofen regularly and haven’t run a lick.  It’s pretty disappointing because I hoped to be slowly jogging again on Tuesday.  I fear my 10 mile race on Saturday is in jeopardy.  I’m flying all the way to Orlando for it for I better be recovered by then dammit.

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