you know what would go good with these sandwiches? Funny internet videos!

So it’s my taper week.  I ran 9 miles on Sunday, took Monday off, and ran 6 this morning.  Five more days til the marathon.  I accidentally started carbo loading last night when I ate half a bag of candy corn.  And then when I ate the rest today.  Since I felt so crappy on my twenty milers, I’m hoping carbo loading will be the key to not collapsing and crying on the curb.   Bread and pasta make me bloat so I guess I’ll just eat a can of frosting mixed with M&Ms.

The weather forecast for race day is a high of 67 which sounds pretty awesome to me.  The low is 40 so I’m guessing it will be upper 40s at the start.  I don’t think I’ll wear anything to shed as I’m still mad that I couldn’t find my vintage smurf shirt after the last marathon.
I also printed my waiver for the Tower of Terror race.  I’m leaving for Disney in like a week and I haven’t barely thought about it.  Probably because work is a bitch and I already have anxiety about coming back after vacation because I have to work 11 days in a row.  This always happens to me around vacation even though I request mine off about 6 months in advance, suddenly everyone and their aunt has to request off around the same time.   Well I hope the ten miler is more entertaining than the Wine and Dine course.  It starts at my bedtime, 10 p.m. so I’m sure that will go well for me.

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