You are NOT an outsider; you wear cute little blue shorts.

I feel pretty crummy today.  I think I’ve been reading too many blogs from people who are faster than me.  And who run a lot more than me.   How can you have 3 kids and run 70 miles a week?  I will just pretend they are neglectful parents with severe insomnia.

Saturday I was planning on waking up and running so I could get 50 miles in this week.  Instead I went downstairs and slept on the couch until 7:30.  No worries though, I was registered for a fun run at 10 a.m.  It was to raise money for a service dog, so runners/walkers were invited to bring their dogs.  I got Henry all harnessed up and we headed out to the dog park.  I was afraid he would be vicious and embarrassing but he was actually very well behaved.   A few butt sniffs here and there, but nothing that crossed the line.   So the run was super casual and maybe not even a full mile and only like 5 people even bothered to jog.  Henry was kind of confused about what everyone was running from, but he kept at it until the turnaround where he stopped to drop some nuggets.

The next day was a 10k in a town about 30 minutes away.  They actually had a half marathon and 5k too but I didn’t feel like running fast for 13 miles so I compromised.  My directions led me to a completely wrong place, but luckily I found the right place as I wandered around aimlessly.  The start of the race was super awkward because someone from the back yelled go and no one in the front heard so we just stood there while the clock ticked away and then we finally realized we were supposed to be running.  The 5k split off right away so 10k and half went right together.  I quickly pulled into first position for the ladies and stayed there for a bout a mile which we reached in 6:45.  I was happy with that pace but unfortunately I did not see 6s again until the 5th mile.  The race was actually super hilly and my third mile was 7:45 wtf?  I remember there being a couple big hills and that mile lasting for-freaking-ever but I didn’t think I slowed that much.  At the 4th mile I ran with another girl for awhile and then the half split from the 10k and she went with the halfers.  I wasn’t sure if the other lady ahead of me split off or not until I reached the 5 mile mark and some spectator yelled “first lady in the 10k whoooo!”  I was pretty much dead by then and didn’t care if anyone passed me or not. I don’t know what my deal is in races.  I get dead tired so quickly.  Surely this bodes well for the marathon in two weeks.

There was another turnaround and I saw an older lady behind me by about a minute so I just held my pace and cruised in.  No breaking tape as I ran in or anything cool like that, but the announcer did say my name all excitedly.  So I won a 10k with a mediocre time of 44 something and I’m sure there are hundreds of people in town who could beat that but they didn’t show up that day.  (or be dumb enough to pay 40 bucks and get an oversized shirt).  I had to leave right away to get home for Red’s birthday party so I don’t even know what I won, but I emailed the director.  When I do get it, I’m sure it will find a special place on the floor of my closet like every other award I’ve gotten.

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