Wow I have a serious crick in my neck right now.  The weird thing is that I didn’t have it when I woke up this morning.  Went for a 7.35 mile run and didn’t notice it.  My daily mileage has been creeping up since I don’t have to spend 30 minutes attached to a milking machine anymore.  Yesterday I did 8 miles at a 7:20 pace.  Makes me want to try to PR a Half this weekend, but I don’t know if I want to sign-up or not.  It’s in a town that’s nearby but I don’t know my way around so the whole process will undoubtedly freak me out.  People with Asperger’s do not like to go to new places.

I also was freaking out about going to the DMV.  My license expired 2 months ago and I kept putting off my trip to the DMV.  I haven’t been there in like 5 years so it’s almost like going somewhere new.  Well I finally went yesterday afternoon.  I walked into the drab space filled to the brim with old and ugly people.  I was greeted by a woman at a desk who asked me what I needed.

“I need to renew my license”

“Which License? ”

“Umm my Driver’s License?”  What else?

“Well then I need to see the license. ”

Cue my cheeks turning red, heart beating faster, and me fumbling around in my purse and finally admitting that I couldn’t find it.  She sighed and gave me a number and told me to sit in one of the ugly brown chairs.  I sat and started shoving everything back into my purse when my license fell out.  doh.  I only had to wait about two minutes before my number was called by a not so trollish lady.  She was actually very sweet and referred to me as “hon” even though she was maybe 5 yrs older.  The whole process went smoothly but I had heard that you can’t smile in your photos anymore so I have a very grim expression.  They gave me a paper license and the real one will hopefully come before my trip.  If I have to present a paper ID to airport security I would probably piss my pants in line worrying about whether or not it’s legit.

Last night I spent all night trying to come up with excuses to get out of a meeting tomorrow.  It’s an hour away and I thought I had to ride with my boss.  Then this morning he tells me that he can’t go anymore.  Yessss.  He’s nice and all…well no that’s not true.  He’s a total ass and a jerk but we get along, I just don’t want to have forced awkward conversation with him.  Also, he drives like a maniac.

Who unleashed the Destroyer of Worlds? Good show!

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