where I come from, we call it, “Quartz, Parchment, Shears.”

Red turns one in less than a week.  I wish I could remember this time last year and how I felt.  I’m pretty sure I was thinking that I had a couple more weeks til I blew out a baby.  I’m pretty sure I was avoiding thinking about the whole baby coming out my vagina thing.  I wish I had enjoyed sitting around and doing nothing all day instead of complaining about it.   I’m sure RKY wished that too.  But I didn’t write about it.  And I haven’t written about Red’s milestones either.  I have a baby book and it asks all these touchy- feely questions so I haven’t really filled it in.  I figured that I would remember the important things but I already can’t remember when she started crawling.  I think it was in April which means about 7 months.  People ask those questions all the time but when she is 12 no one is going to ask when she first rolled over.  ( I have no idea when that was)

Yesterday’s 18 miler feels like it was 2 days ago.  I’m taking a rest day but I don’t feel I need it.  But then I step outside and it’s hot as balls, so I think rest is good.  Actually, I did not feel great yesterday on that run.  My legs felt good but I was dragging.  I can’t decide if it was from being kinda sick, being too hot, or not fueling properly.  It was probably all three of those things.  I ate one shot block at like mile 9 for breakfast.  I will plan to actually eat before the marathon.  But that means I’ll probably have to make a run for a portapotty too.  They should have timing mats outside of portapottys so you can stop and restart your timing chip.  I read that taking Tylenol the night before can prevent a poosaster, so I’ll give that a go too.  Since I’m tapering coming off a bad run, I have low expectations for the race.  I’ve lowered my standard from BQ to 3:45 to 4 hours.  Let’s see how much I change that in the next 3 weeks.



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