my face feels like magic

Bad things happen in 3s right?  So hopefully my three are over, done, finito after this past week.

Wednesday I woke up with bad stomach, chest, and back pain.  Like crampy, all over.  I wasn’t dehydrated.  “I’m having a heart attack.”-me  “You are not having a heart attack. ” -RKY.  I proceed to bury my face in my pillows and wait to die.  Well I didn’t die so while googling “how long do heart attacks last?”  I called my Dr.  I was on hold for 23 minutes.

Receptionist- How can I help you?  Me- I was hoping to get an appointment today because I have severe stomach pain and my chest hurts too.  Receptionist-  If you have chest pain you need to go to the ER.  Me- Well I have acid reflux and I’m only 30 sooo  Receptionist- Doesn’t matter.  You need to go the ER.

So I went to the ER.  No one else was waiting.  I was kind of expecting a waiting room of sick kids and broken limbs like on TV but there was no one.  In triage I was finally convinced that I was indeed not having a heart attack because my blood pressure, O2, heart rate, etc was normal.  So they took me back to a room and I had to get in a gown and tell about 40 different nurses, doctors, and practitioners what was wrong.   I heard a conversation in the hallway between a Dr and my nurse with her intern.  We’re going to get an IV started.-nurse  She doesn’t want any pain medication.- Dr.  Well she needs practice starting an IV (referring to intern) – nurse  Well, okay take her blood through it and then get her on some fluids.- Dr.  I wanted to scream.  Getting poked is a nightmare for me.

So the intern started to get the IV ready and was asking all these questions that someone who has done this before should know.  She tells me “Don’t worry I HAVE done this before.”  Then she proceeded to not do it right and dig around in my arm with a needle.  I almost passed out but the nurse was yammering away trying to distract me and it worked.  So then the nurse says she will try and opens up a new needle.  She goes to a lower spot on my arm that looks like it will be really awkward and painful so I offer to sacrifice my right arm instead.  And the nurse pops that thing in like it was nothing.

So after several hours of mostly laying on a cot and a few minutes of xrays and ultrasound, it was determined that there was nothing wrong with me.  They gave me some stomach meds and an appointment with a GI specialist who, I’m guessing will look for ulcers or insane amounts of stomach acid.  Oh I also got a Get-out-of-work free card for the next two days.  Nice.

Running has been painful but getting better.  The freakiest part is the chest pain.  It’s in odd places like above my collar bones.  It sort of feels like breathing in really really cold air.  I only last two miles the first time I ran.  It seems to get better after 2 or 3 miles so I was able to do a 5, 6, and 18 miler over the weekend.  Gotta give credit where credit is due so I thank my lovely prescriptions for sponsoring my runs this weekend.  No racing for me 😦 this just is not the year for me racing.

Oh so yea, the other two bad things.  I pushed my nephew off the couch and he got the wind knocked out of him and then passed out.  I thought my sister was going to murder me or Red in retaliation.  She still might.
Everyone was scared and 911 was almost called.

Lastly, my grandma has cancer.  A lot of it.  Probably pretty bad.  A nun just told me they were praying for her.  I’m just trying to keep busy and not think about it

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