So like more than six months later I decide to update this thing.  I just came back because I wanted to get an idea of my weekly mileage during the winter when I started training for Illinois marathon.  Which didn’t happen for me.  I should know better than to register for a race 2 months in advance.  My knee spazzed out on me the Sunday before the race.  Yes, 5 days before the race I spent 4 months preparing for.  I taped the shit out of it and attempted to run anyway but around 9 miles I realized no one cared if I finished but me.  And then I didn’t even care at that point.  Finished the half but they posted my results in a special category for “did not finish registered race.”  Thanks.

After that I ran the Q-C Distance Classic.  I smartly waited until the day before to decide to run it.  My first mile was somewhere around 8:30.  My mind screamed WTF and I was able to pick up the pace enough to finish around 1:40.  Then I ran Dam to Dam in Des Moines.  That dam race sucks every time.  It’s a 20K and I finished around 1:36.  I was also dehydrated as hell and ready to devour a giant meal.  That is what happens when you don’t want to drink or eat so much that you are forced to use the port-a-potties at the start.  My stomach was even growling as I ran.  Some dude was passing out Jolly Ranchers and I grabbed a handful.  Ended up dropping all but two so I shoved those in my mouth.  I was afraid of choking so I kept them between my teeth until they disintegrated.  My mouth was so dry it was about 5 or 6 miles before they did and my teeth hurt for the next 3 days. 

I didn’t learn my lesson because Race for the Cure was the next weekend.  I ended up dehydrated and dry heaving during the last half mile.  That must’ve looked real attractive.  I finished in 21 minutes which was disappointing because I wanted to break 20 again. 

The next race was the 4 mile Moonlight Chase which I felt pretty good about.  Started with the first mile at 6:30 so I was just hoping to keep it at that pace.  Around mile 2 someone had a sprinkler spraying runners with cold water which is actually the least refreshing thing in the world to a hot sweaty runner.  The cold water hit me and knocked the breath out of me, as it always does, no big deal.  Except that I dropped my iPod touch.  It bounced behind me and would not stop.  It was about 10 feet behind me, so I turned around and grabbed it then jogged while trying to get it going again.  It was already cracked from earlier this summer but it did start working.  I was so pissed that I yelled at the people sarcastically, THANKS FOR THE WATER!  I ended up finishing in 27:30 which, again was disappointing because I wanted to be in the 26s. 

I think I had bad karma from the above incident because I got very sick for about 2 weeks with a sinus infection.  I ran a 10 and 20 miler during the first week so that *may* have been why I was worse in week 2.  Of course Bix was at the end of week 2 when I was still suffering from a lot of vertigo.  I woke up that morning and knew right away that 7 miles was not going to happen.  So I did the wimpy 2 miler and ended up being the 2nd female, but who really races the 2 miler?  You don’t get any awards, it’s a just for fun thing and it was not any fun for me.

August had one weekend with some good races but of course I was out of town.  So I am registered for a one mile fun run with my corgi Henry in September and a 5k for Make a Wish in October. 

Ohhh and then there’s the marathon I’ve been training for, maybe.  I don’t want to commit yet but I have run two 20 milers and plan on doing one tomorrow.  The marathon is a week before The Tower of Terror Ten Miler!  So yes, I will be going to DisneyWorld and no, I don’t want to be injured for it.  Slow fat people run Disney races so I’m hoping to place well.

So like more th…

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