frigid waters

We had guests this past weekend, so it was busy busy busy.  Saturday morning I knew we were going to go to breakfast and I woke up starving… at 6 a.m.  So I didn’t run, I just crossed my toes and hoped I’d find time later in the day.  Finally ate an egg white omelet around 10:30 a.m.  and then chili at 1.  and half of a hot fudge sundae around 1:30.  and finally a Red Robin Salad at 5 p.m.  A good day of eating relatively healthy left me feeling energized rather than heavy.  So I eventually made it outside around 8 p.m for a 6 miler.   Snow covered the ground and made everything a little uneven and fun.  Then shit got real.  Sorta.  A white Grand Prix started creepin up on me.  I thought it might be someone being extra cautious in the snow.  Until they went all fast and furious and hit the gas.  Took off and then made a sudden turn in the school parking lot for a couple donuts.  Then they started creepin on me again.  I took off beyond a locked gate in the parking lot and fled my potential captors.  Actually I’m thinking Grand Prix and parking lot donuts equal teenagers.  Those darn teenagers *shakes fist*

Next morning, same thing.  I woke up starving before 6 but had to wait til almost 11 for breakfast.  Had another omelet that was stuffed to the brim with spinach.  Like way too much spinach.  I started to gag on it and finally gave up.  I was about to go all Popeye roid rage on our waitress.  After breakfast, our guests left, so I got ready for my long run.  Snow melted into slush by Sunday.  No matter.  I didn’t want to run the stretch out of town because it’s not plowed or salted, so I ended up zig zagging my way through town.  Ran for about 85 minutes total.  My groin was bugging me most of the way but I’m hoping my chiro appointment on Monday helped fix that problem.

Lately people have been asking me if I do triathlons.  I would love to do a triathlon.  I would also love to not drown.  I took swimming lessons for maybe 3 years?  I was the girl that walked to the end of the diving board and then just stood there shivering for about 5 minutes before I turned around and walked off.  I know enough so that if I ever happen to fall into the deep end of a pool, I could get to the surface and hopefully paddle my way to the side.  Isn’t that sort of an instinctual motion though?  In second grade I went to my frenemy’s pool party at her cousin’s house.  She was chiding me for not jumping off the board.  I wasn’t stupid.  I knew there was no lifeguard to save my drowning ass.  Finally, I threw an inflatable in the middle of the pool and jumped in towards it.  and this bitch grabs it and swims away.  I’m underwater, can’t see without my nerd glasses, can barely swim and I start to panic.  I remember blindly flailing my arms around and finally grasping the bottom of the ladder.  I climb back up expecting everyone to be concerned, but no.  No one even noticed.

My cousin used to babysit us in the summers while my mom worked.  She was super cliche high school cheerleader who wanted a perfect tan.  So she dragged us to the pool every other day.  I would cry about it but my sisters were stoked.  Most of the time I ended up reading on a towel and eating burnt microwaved pizza from the concession stand.  I used to swim in the shallow end for a half hour but then I’d end up on my towel shivering every time the sun went behind the clouds.  Oh memories.


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