Day of unrest

My long run for last week ended up being on Sunday of this week.  A slight technicality.  I let RK sleep in and didn’t take off until about 9:45.  It was windy again but at least I expected it.  Did a loop in town and then ran out north knowing that the strong wind was at my back.  Ran maybe 1.5 miles out of town before I turned back to face the wind.  At least it wasn’t a constant wind, just a few nasty gusts every now and again.  Went back into town and did the same loop in reverse.  I must have run negative splits because I still had some time to kill when I was back home.  Did another loop around a few blocks and wrapped it up with some jumping jacks in my driveway.  I’m sure the neighbors think I’m loony, but I do it after almost every run.

Today is a rest day.  I was waffling on the idea, as I always do, and finally leaned toward taking it today instead of tomorrow. Barring serious illness or alarm clock sorcery, I will be running tomorrow.  Discipline has never been an issue for me.

Dropped Red off at daycare before work.  I always feel guilty when I do.  It’s not the same kind of guilt most moms have, feeling guilty about having to work and leave the kid with someone else.  It’s feeling bad for the daycare workers.  I just hand over my kid and say, she’s fussy today, I’m glad YOU get to deal with it.  They generally don’t tell me when she’s been a terror.  They will say nice things like oh she has been fine since 3 o clock.  And then I think, just since 3 oclock?  So how was she the rest of the day?  Screaming in your face since 9?  Are you going to cry tears of relief when I leave?

Being a daycare worker would be one of the WORST jobs I can think of.  Especially working in the baby room.  I think they call it the Infant Avenue or Baby Boulevard, something cutesy like that.  I wonder if that is where all the workers start and it’s just a rite of passage they have to muddle through.  Who wants to change dirty diapers and deal with colicky babies?  Thank God Red isn’t colicky.  I imagine the parents of such a baby show up and apologize… I’m so sorry you have listen to this all day long, but better you than me, eh?  No one could pay me enough money to care for their crying kid, especially one to whom I am not related.  I’d stick it in a swing and ignore it all day then go home and have my tubes tied.

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