Lazy daisy

Friday was a much needed day off from work.  I was able to sleep in until almost 8 a.m. after a brief feeding at 5:30.  I slept in my sports bra and had every intention of waking up and hitting the treadmill, but I got distracted.  Red was up and needed to be fed again.  My stomach was rumbling.  I filled it with food and I simply cannot run on a full stomach.  So I decided to go to Target instead.  The nice thing about winter is that wearing many layers of clothes hides my sports bra uniboob.

I had no reason to go to Target so I had to invent one.  I neeeed………..  finally I remembered that they have baby rice cereal…I needed baby rice cereal!  The Dollar General 2 blocks away sells it, but the Target kind has DHA and probiotics in it!  Yes, that is a valid reason to go Target when it’s 15 degrees outside.  It’s all about Red’s brain and belly.

Once there, I realized I had other important items to look for.  RK and I are on a neverending quest for the newest and coolest foods.  The latest quest is for Frosted Toast Crunch and Birthday Cake Oreos.  Target had neither.  Wal-Mart always seems to have such novel foods, but I couldn’t subject myself to that kind of torture.  We had just gone there this summer on our quest for Ben and Jerry’s latest flavor and Triple Double Oreos.  Six months later and my white trash tank is still on empty.  I have to build up a couple more months of trash tolerance before I can go again.

I wandered over to the clothes section and found some khaki cargos on sale for $11.  They were exactly like my brown cargos I bought in September but I remembered  RK described them as Lesbian-ish.  So pass on those.  Headed over to the baby section looking for a Bumbo.  I recently read about babies being injured by falling out of them, but I decided to assume that their parents were just stupid and/or ignorant, until I brought it home and Red nearly flipped over the back of it.  She also looks incredibly creepy in it because her body isn’t used to sitting.  She just kind of slumps over and writhes her hands together in a maniacal fashion.

I was able to squeeze in a treadmill run around 2 p.m.  Ran 6.2 miles in 48 minutes while watching Everybody Loves Raymond. Was aiming for an even quarter but Red started screeching.

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