Winter weather

Yesterday was 50 degrees and sunny.  It was also my ‘rest day.’

Today I choked on spit and smeared snot across my face as I ran against snow and 20 mile per hour winds.

In my defense, I did not know the weather was THAT bad.  I got a wireless weather station for the specific purpose of using it to determine “outside runnability.”  But that station is sitting in it’s box on the porch because I was too busy to figure it out.  By busy, I mean lazy.  Instead, I looked outside and thought “oh!!! First snow first snow!”  I love running in the snow.

Baby was sleeping soundly, so I slipped on some fleece pants  and my winter jogging jacket that still smells like last year’s sweat, and headed out.  I ran south, then east, feeling the chill only in my Nike Free clad feet.  Ran north to the main road, turned west and was immediately slapped in the face by old man winter.  I guess I didn’t realize he had been slapping my ass for the past 20 minutes.

It was only about 10 minutes back to my house, so I labored on.  The wind kept taking my breath away, but I tried to look cool as I cruised by McDonald’s so the dude getting the buy-one-get-one-free McMuffins would think i was badass and not bat ass crazy.  When I reached the bike trail, I felt pretty good and not ready to quit, so I headed south again and figured I would just run north-south to avoid the wind. Problem solved.

Or so I thought.  I suddenly couldn’t open my left eye.  Realizing it had been frozen shut, I shook off my adorable-but -not-terribly-useful cupcake mittens and picked the ice crystals off my lashes.


Headed north to home and waved to my corgi who waited in the window.  Ended up running for 46 and a half minutes.  I was surely a sight for sore eyes, a trail of snot ran down my nose and took a left at my mouth.  I had no idea my nose was even running.   Not sure of the distance because, like my weather station, my Garmin sits unused in a box.  I did charge it once, but apparently it lost the charge because when I tried to run with it, it was dead.

The weather is the topic of conversation today.  Actually, that’s the topic everyday in the Midwest.  What do people small talk about in the South?  Here, people bitch about the snow and about how no one remembers how to drive in it.  Someone has got to remember.  I remember.  I remember how to use it as an excuse for being late to work.  But really I was late because I wanted a spoonful of peanut butter before I left the house.

Tomorrow’s high is 20, so I’m penciling in  a treadmill run.  Hopefully some long forgotten and surprisingly funny Home Improvement episode will be on, but I seem to remember them all.


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