It looks like he’s got two jiggly bellies stuck together

Woke up early for a planned treadmill run.  I was going in with the ‘two for Tuesday’ mentality. I pull a self mindfreak.   I frequently tell myself that I will just do a quick 15 minute run in the morning and finish up in the afternoon with another 30-40.  Most of the time I end up running a full 6 miles or so in the a.m.   Then I’m free to do whatever I want at night.  So, basically I sit on my ass all night and watch TV.  This morning I mindfreaked myself and ended up running about 6 and a quarter miles and hopped off to shower.  Red needed to get cleaned up for her 4 month checkup.  Red does not like baths.  So I don’t bathe her.  She’s probably the smelly kid at daycare.  I sponge bathe her and rub her with lotion and I think she smells like sugar cookies and rainbows.

Red’s checkup went fine.  She has a massive head and is short.  I think that’s the gist of it.  She also spit rotovirus vaccine back in the nurses face.  I thought of the Exorcist and laughed while the nurse cleaned her glasses.  Unfortunately, the nurse retaliated with two shots to Red’s chubby little thigh.

The doctor talked about ways to play to help her develop motor skills and such.  Make her grab for stuff and dangle things in her face.  Simple enough.  Then he said jokingly, “and no TV…I’m sure she’s not watching TV yet, but it discourages creative play.”  We laughed and nodded, “TV pffft, we hardly watch it ourselves.”  When he turned his back we gave each other the stare.  The “we are totally lying to this dude” stare.

No TV?  This baby loves her TV.  I try reading her a book and she pushes it out of the way, “God mom.  You know not to read to me during Adventure Time.”  We watched the entire Parenthood series during my maternity leave.  I swear that theme song comes on and her head instantly turns to the tube.   Our TV is on all day long.  It’s my favorite thing to do besides run.  How do I spend time with Red and not miss the latest episode of Parks and Rec?  Not gonna happen.  I mostly watch smart comedies, cartoons, and documentary shows. Dad plays Skyrim all day… she will be witty and adventurous.  And perhaps an alchemist.

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